L. J. Halliwell, LLC
Casualty Actuarial and Financial-Risk Consulting
Out of the Ordinary

Are we right for you?  With our impressive and eclectic background, most likely we can meet your actuarial needs, especially those relating to financial decision-making, risk-retention, reinsurance, commutations, arbitration, and expert testimony.  But why from among many capable consulting firms should you choose us?  We hope that you will do so because you resonate with our attitude and philosophy, with our heart and mind.


We are a micro-consultancy, and intend to stay one.  We treat our clients as friends; we don't begrudge them, and we're not obsessed with the clock.  True, one must make a living; however, we never forget the nobler things of life, such as listening to, and learning from, one another.  And when last did you read a clear, even educational, actuarial report?  From us you'll get more than numbers; you'll gain knowledge.


We draw inspiration from Socrates, whose open-minded inquiry and dialogue has been dubbed "the Socratic method."  Modestly he conceded that he had learned just one thing, that he knew nothing.  Nevertheless, he did know a thing or two; and his greatness consisted in his ability to persuade others by leading them to discover truth for themselves.  We'd like to emulate him: no one is too little for us to learn from him, or too big for us to accept on authority.  Confident, but not cocky, we've managed to find a bit of rationality, consistency, and even beauty in this business, which we're eager to share with those of you who wonder, "Isn't there a better way?"


If actuarial consulting attuned to both heart and mind intrigues you, give us a call.  It may well be mutually beneficial.

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